The Video I Thought Would Garner Me YouTube Fame.

We had a hill next to our home that kids, including mine, loved to ride their bikes and toys down.  Having acquired a GoPro for the first time, I was itching to try it out.  I gathered my boys and headed for the hill.  This video shows our efforts to make a video that would push the limits.  : )

I told myself that using ‘suicide’ in the title would get me a lot of views, as would the thumbnail of a kid going off a jump.  It was a big nope on both those counts.

It was quite fun putting this together.  Me and my boys enjoyed making it, and we’ve enjoyed watching it again and again over the years.

I was using iMovie for post production, and used it for many years.  I learned early on that a minute of produced video = an hour of video production.  It’s a skill that I’ve really enjoyed working on.


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