A Mormon Bishop’s Guidebook

A Mormon Bishop’s Guidebook
One man’s attempt to help those who lead.
This is not approved by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This is all my opinion. I don’t speak for the church. Any mistakes are all my responsibility.
While in the thick of things as a Bishop, I wrote this blog post.  Early in my calling I found myself wishing the church had a handbook, or guide, just for Bishop’s.  Yes, the church has handbooks, and Handbook 1 is for Stake Presidents and Bishop’s.  However, they are designed for a broad worldwide church, designed to help a Bishop in Cape Town, South Africa as well as one in Anchorage, Alaska.  I was looking for more down to earth, rubber meets the road guidance.  
I believe I could have been much more effective if I didn’t have to walk the ‘school of hard knocks’ that first year.  A little help would have gone a long way.  I get it, you need to experience many things yourself.  Just a little help though, up front, would have made me more effective and helped me be a better minister early in my service.
I hope you’ll find some practical tips you can use today.  
To view the entire document click HERE. (Over 50 pages of material)
Table of Contents: Links to specific topics in the text.
In the Beginning: What to do when you’re first called.
Establishing Best Practices:
Lessons Learned:
The Ward Council – Did you know, they should be running most of the show?
Weddings – 13 documents, 24 pages worth of information
Funerals – 4 documents, 23 pages of information
The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood – Teach your Priest Quorum – 3 documents, 7 pages
Good Ideas:

– Last Updated: 5/17/16

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