The North Face Rocks!

I love the North Face!
The North

This is a picture of me on the summit of Mt. Whitney, CA in 2007. I’m wearing my North Face shell. I wore that jacket all the time. And I took good care of it because I wanted it to last.
It was a great shell. Water proof, wind proof,vents, cinched in all the right areas. It rocked, err… at least until the inner GoreTex(tm) lining started to come apart. It literally started to break down, and in a weird area too. Not the cuff or some other high traffic area, but the hood.
North Face products have a life time gaurantee and so I looked up their web site and tried to understand what that gaurantee actually meant. I decided to send in the jacket and see what they would do. They claimed that if it was a true defect they would replace or repair it. And if it wasn’t covered they would repair it for a fee. I thought, ‘Whatever, fix it. I love the jacket and would go and buy another even if they didn’t fix it.’
Yesterday I received a voicemail stating they determined it was a defect, and that they would replace it. They didn’t have anything on hand though that met the exact specifications of that jacket, so they were going to send me a $140 gift card to be used on their web site.
After a few minutes of searching, I’ve found another jacket that will accomplish all that the original did, and more.
Yes, I know. It costs more than the gift card, and that’s probably what they want. But hey, I’ll get two brand new jackets out of the deal – because the LINK above is a 2-in-1 jacket. Sweet.
North Face, Nordstroms, REI – you have my dedication and wallet for years to come.

3 thoughts on “The North Face Rocks!

  1. Thats pretty cool, I didn’t know that about them. I can’t believe they sent you $140, I would have expected a lot less, or them making up some lame excuse as to how it was your fault that it fell apart. Even with the economy with the way that is, they still do the right thing, pretty cool.Thanks for sharing.


  2. Well, when you consider that’s what the jacket retailed for in 2006, that’s what they should send me, right? It is cool they are stepping up. I love it when companies who say they guarantee something actually do.


  3. I finally got a store credit from NF. They didn’t have the same jacket I owned before, so they gave me credit. I took it to the store and ended up buying two jackets. One fleece with windblocker. Then another that’s just a shell. The shell is bright yellow, the CFO wasn’t sure she liked it 🙂 Oh well.


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