LDS Radio

The church announced an internet radio service today. The service
plays music, conference talks, interviews, even a kids channel – 24/7.
Very cool. Especially if you have access to a broadband internet
connection throughout the day.

Official Announcement:

Check out the radio station here:

Here is a listing and synopsis of the current programs they are offering:

Church News

In partnership with The Deseret Morning News and the Public Affairs
Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the
Mormon Channel is pleased to present daily news updates. These
broadcasts will be featured through the day, and will highlight the
latest news from the Church around the globe.

In addition, selected segments from the news will be compiled into a
weekly program, in case you happened to miss out during the week.


Conversations is a one-hour radio program featuring people of interest
to the LDS community—General Authorities, Auxiliary leaders, and
faithful Latter-day Saints. The purpose of the program is to teach the
gospel, strengthen individual testimonies, and encourage increased
spiritual strength.

Conversations will follow the spirit of early Church radio
programming. Every episode is designed to be uplifting and faith
promoting. The first Conversations episode features Deseret Book CEO
Sheri Dew interviewing Elder David A. Bednar and his wife, Susan.

Everything Creative

Inspired by a talk given by President Uchtdorf called “Happiness, Your
Heritage” (General Relief Society Meeting, Fall 2008) Everything
Creative explores creativity through interviews with artists and
creative people of all types. Each episode is unique as the
interviewee from a previous episode becomes the interviewer of another
creative artist. The program is hosted by Utah musician Nancy Hanson.

History of Hymns

History of Hymns investigates the inception and the evolution of the
hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The episodes
include history and progression of the music as well as the text. The
program features interesting stories surrounding the creators and
others involved in the evolution of the hymn bringing listeners up to
date. Also included are interesting stories surrounding the
performance or inclusion of the hymn in a variety of settings.

Into All the World

Into All the World is a half-hour weekly program interviewing stake
and mission presidents from around the world about the Church in their
area. The program is hosted by Brigham Young University Church History
and Doctrine professor Reid Neilson who writes and teaches on global
Mormonism, and international issues of the Church.

Join us to learn more about the growth of the Church around the globe,
and find out more about the challenges that LDS Church members are
facing in their own communities, along with stories of hope and


One of the most remarkable aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints is its unique history. Throughout the world, great
stories from faithful Church members have only added to that history.
This weekly program on the Mormon Channel, created in cooperation with
the Family History and Church History Departments of the Church,
shares some of these incredible stories of faith, perseverance, hope,
and inspiration.

Mormon Identity

A weekly, half-hour talk radio program featuring discussions on Church
subjects important to Latter-day Saints throughout the world. The
program also attempts to better explain the Mormon viewpoint to those
outside of the faith. Mormon Identity is hosted by Robert L. Millet,
Professor of Religious Education at Brigham Young University.

Music with a Message

Music with a Message is a 30-minute radio program that explores gospel
themes through inspirational music and poignant narration. Each
episode investigates one important gospel topic including faith,
repentance, service, charity, sacrifice, and a variety of other
subjects. Songs are chosen from Deseret Book and other music
catalogues. Clive Romney, Writer/Producer.

Scripture Stories

Scripture Stories is a weekly radio series, designed to inspire
children to come to know and love stories from the scriptures. Each
episode features children sharing their insights and favorite
experiences from the scriptures, along with music and readings of the
best stories from the scriptures.

Stories from General Conference

Stories from General Conference features some of the best anecdotes
shared during various General Conferences addresses over the past
several years, each tied to a specific topic or theme. Experience
again the many stories from past talks that have impacted your life.
Among the themes and topics explored include forgiveness, attitude,
repentance, fatherhood, service and worthiness.

The Light of Men

The Light of Men is a series of radio dramas, airing regularly,
depicting the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through
intriguing and inspirational dramatization, these programs will
introduce the listener to the places Jesus walked, the doctrine he
taught, the people with whom he lived and travelled, and the conflicts
and opposition that eventually led to his trial, his death, and his
glorious resurrection.


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