Bishop’s Message – Dancing Postcards

I don’t know about you, but I am tired.

News outlets, movies, radio, TV, the internet – you can’t hide from the doom and gloom that’s sounding across the globe. Since the end of last year we’ve been bombarded with nothing but bad news. The price of gold is down, car sales are down, at least one in 10 home owners are late on their mortgage or their home is in foreclosure. We all know someone that’s lost their job and someone else that’s struggling financially. It’s all bad news 24/7.

Because of this lack of happiness it’s as if I’m a moth drawn to a flame when it comes to anything remotely good. No, I’m not talking about the kitty spam that people send each other through email. You know the Power Point presentations set to music that show kitties playing with puppies, flowers, in the bathtub, etc. I really can’t stand those. I’m talking about good news, people doing good things, people loving life.
– When was the last time you heard a bit of news that was positive?

It’s with this in mind I mention a video that I was introduced to last week. I’m not sure how I missed it, it was Time Magazine’s viral video of 2008. It is a video of a man who went to 42 different countries in 14 months. In each video he does one thing, dance. Each clip is very short, I think the longest may be 5 seconds long, but in each clip it’s the same – he’s dancing with a smile on his face.

You have to watch it to believe it, or to even understand it. But before you watch it know this, once I watched it I couldn’t stop. This is where the moth to a flame analogy comes in. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this video. I would seriously be embarrassed if I had to admit how many times I’ve watched it. I simply can’t stop. Every time I watch it I smile. It makes me happy, and times like these happiness is a good thing. It’s like a happiness drug 🙂 I’ve pushed and cajoled many people in front of my computer, ‘Hey, you have to watch this!’
– Here you go:

Click here if you can’t see the video above

This video clarifies to me every person on earth is related, we are all brothers and sisters – and we all dance alike. Matt traveled round and round the globe and everywhere he went, he was able to find people who were eager to share his love for life. And not just one or two people, but thousands. Almost all of them had to be complete strangers. We all WANT to be happy, and are eagerly looking for a reason to celebrate. Why are we mired in depression? Why do we allow others (TV, radio, magazines, movies, music) to dictate whether we are happy or not. DON’T DO IT!

We need to help our families, friends, neighbors and anyone around us feel the blessing that life is. Help those around you grab life by the collar and don’t let go. In todays environment where it feels like nothing good is happening – smile.
But most importantly – dance.

Bishop Chatham

– Time Magazine listing: Top 10 Viral Videos of 2008:

Thank you Howard for sharing the video. Check out his blog here.


2 thoughts on “Bishop’s Message – Dancing Postcards

  1. Well written, Andy! I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks Debra. Glad you enjoyed it.


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