Music and the memories it can carry

Either late 2010 or early 2011 I discovered The Temper Trap.
After having gone through so much struggle and pain in just these few years, this and many of their songs already carry lasting memories. I went to Hawaii with my wife, father and step mother. I was struggling to discover what I wanted to do with my business. My father wanted me to merge our financial services practices together. Move my practice and family to SoCal. Move from the home we’d been in for many years, the community we’d lived in since 1995. At the time I was interested, and seriously thinking about how to make it happen. The financial atmosphere was incredibly bad. The Great Recession had hit hard and we were still reeling from the effects. It appeared to me to be an incredible opportunity to ultimately get the chance to take over a much larger financial services practice. Going into business with my father was an appealing, romantic notion for me, for sure. I wanted to be closer to my family, brothers, sister and mother.

I’d also been a Bishop for a couple years, just then really getting my legs under me. This didn’t have much impact in my decision. I knew I was serving the Lord as He wanted me to, and would happily serve down south as He wanted me to. My wife and I though, needed to feel right about the decision. Needed to feel it was part of ‘the Plan.’ And at that moment, we both felt like we needed to keep taking steps in that direction. Needed to continue to pursue the opportunity and all that came with it.

That’s when I went on this run. I woke up before dawn and got out on the road. As Hawaii is home to many military folk, I found myself in their midst as I made the turn from Waikiki toward Diamond Head. Being on Waikiki without any people was odd in itself, and then finding myself amidst all these military folk doing their early morning run was even more weird. Hawaii was continuing to lead to experiences I’d not prepared for, nor imagined. The music I listened to during the run, continues to remind me of the experience.

Having been to Hawaii a few times, I’d experienced Waikiki and seen Diamond Head. I thought it would be a cool experience to run around it and get a better look. I had no idea I couldn’t just run along Waikiki beach to it, or how big it was, or that it was even an old volcano-like crater. I just assumed it was a mountain peak that I could run to, run around and head back. When I finally got to it, and realized there were crowds in busses heading there first thing in the morning – again odd, I was tired, and realized I was only half way and would have to turn around soon and head back. I walked for a bit, there’s a tunnel there that goes through the volcano wall into the middle of the dead volcano. I walked through that tunnel to the center of the volcano and then turned around. I made more of a bee line to my hotel on my way back, looking to get back as quickly as possible this time.

Then I found myself in the midst of the University of Hawaii cross country team. It really got my juices going again, I worked hard to keep up with them while our paths aligned for a couple miles. The last mile I was by myself, running along Ala Wai Boulevard watching the rowing teams. This morning held many firsts for me, and the the Temper Trap kept me company the whole time.

We’re heading back to Oahu in April. I need to think about what music I’m taking with me. Something that will keep me going back to Hawaii, again and again. In my mind.


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