–originally posted: April 23rd, 2009–

People are struggling these days. And one of the major ways we struggle is financially. I’ve come across a very beneficial tool to help in that regard, it’s http://www.Mint.com.

http://www.Mint.com is a financial tool that allows you to manage ALL of your accounts through one web portal. No doubt it takes a while to set up every one of your financial accounts, but once you do – WHOAAAA! I set up my WAMU.com account, for example, and I can now see, via pie chart, how much I’ve spent since the account has been open – over 3 years. It breaks down all the categories and everything. You can dial down on the categories as well. Click on them and it takes you to specific transactions. It’s incredibly detailed.

You can also input your mortgage, car loans, investment accounts, credit cards, etc. And it gives you a great one page summary of everything.

You can set it to email or text you if a purchase is made from one of your accounts over a specific dollar amount (I.E. $200). It will email you a week before your credit card bill is due. It will email / text you if your bank account drops below a specific amount, or if your interest rate changes on an account. It’s AWESOME! And even better, it’s FREE…

I’m very excited about it and the potential it has to help manage all of our accounts.

Thanks Brandon for showing me the light…


Bishop Chatham


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